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Awaken yourself

When Mai Sakaue(CEO) has conducted a project with a Kenyan NGO that supports refugees slum women from sheltering to teach them skills of sewing, the representative of the organization consulted her, "Even if I support, they tend not to have consistent job and will return to poverty". 
She thought it might be able to create a job connecting to Japan, especially she has been involved in apparel industry from product control to promotion for her career more than 10 years so asked them to make shirts samples to see the quality The samples were very fine quality without making any detailed instruction to them. She felt it was just a big gap of accessing opportunity,  they are totally skillful.
 By creating a business on an equal footing with local producers, unleashing their talents enriching their lives, through vibrant and colorful products, that let everyone enjoy fashion that stands out, each one can enjoy their uniqueness. We are aiming at making a bridge to create a rich world where anyone can demonstrate their individuality and talents.



  • 日本とケニアの地域交流/reginal exchange
  • オンラインツアー主催/online tour
  • Kipekee the Cafe 運営/Kipekee the cafe





Global gap in rural Japan

There are various disparities between urban and rural areas of Japan, but we realized that there are actually global disparities. In the city side, there are daily opportunities to interact with international people, only by shopping at convenience stores you have the opportunities to meet people from different countries, but not in rural areas. 

In close future, it will become more and more necessary to have a global network and do daily life and business. Especially for the next generation facing shrinkage in population, it is important for them to know and be used to global people.

We host and support exchanges between regions in Kenya where our members are located,and students in Japan using online to enable them to interact each other.

Also our cafe in Hita city, Oita, "Kipekee the cafe" is to have easy access for the students in that area to know information about the world.


Regional exchange

  • 中東・アフリカ進出コンサル/consulting
  • 貿易・海外営業業務/Trading
  • 海外人材に関する相談/Overseas HR




Expansion to Middle East &Africa

In Japan, there are concerns about the shrinking working population and market. The population of the Middle East and Africa is increasing. Please contact us if you are considering expanding into the Middle East / Africa region, such as field surveys, trade, sales, exhibition support, etc. mainly in the Middle East / Africa, looking for collaborative partners, searching for human resources, etc. as a market.